About Us

Tom Holman consults to improve Customer Focus; mainly in health. He is also interested in helping organisations that attempt work of value but find it a challenge.

Tom ran UltraFeedback Pty Ltd for 14 years until 2013. Prior to this and now, he works independently with his extensive network. He can scale up to large projects & deliver quantitative and qualitative research. His preference is smaller qualitative work or larger consultancies where he can immerse himself in the topic.

Healthcare, medical technology, sustainability, rural environments, palliative care and end of life care are key interests. Tom specialises in person-centred care. We can write a lot of detail here - but chose not to. Work we accept ranges from small boutique projects by Tom only to large multi-national research projects using our well established ESOMAR member network. Key value we bring to projects is deep engagement that results in actionable insights.

"Yes, Tom used to work at a Zoo and there is a
good business analogy behind this picture".