Tom Holman

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Tom is based in rural South Gippsland in Foster, Victoria, Australia; the gateway to the world famous Wilson's Promontory National Park. Naturally he travels! But he is always just a phone call, email or video conference away.

Tom has been a specialist in customer, employee and patient satisfaction research for over 20 years. He has a background in education and service improvement consultancy, and has worked across many industries, with a particular focus on the healthcare sector. Tom is a member of the European Society of Opinion and Marketing Research (ESOMAR), the leading global research professional association and a member of both Palliative Care Victoria (PVC) and the International Society of Advance Care Planning and End of Life Care (ACPEL). He brings strong research experience, coupled with a ‘people-centred’ scientific approach to all his projects.

Tom ran the research company UltraFeedback for 14 years and now works as an independent researcher. He specialises in qualitative research, interviewing many thousands of doctors, nurses, patients and carers over his career face to face, phone and online - group and individual. He has used many online platforms to interview and facilitate community discussions including FocusVision, Intervue and Revelation with healthcare professionals and patients in a variety of topics ranging across anaesthesia, total knee replacement, death, OTC, pain control, weigh-loss surgery, aged-related macular degeneration, PVC recycling and infection control and with consumers regarding retail online clothing shoppers and washing detergent.

South Gippsland enjoys the best environment, warm community and Internet service
– a wonderful combination!