Who is being fooled

Whether it be Donald Trump, a bet on a 'sure thing' or the tail of the peacock, it is tempting to be attracted to outrageous displays on the premise that they might deliver something that gives us an advantage. But invariably they are a façade, a false promise or a pretense. Like the slot machine, they are programmed to make us lose and the 'displayer' win. Advertising and flashy people know how to manipulate us – and to fool enough people to make the show suck us in and our money, time and heart out. The track record is that most of these 'shows' fail and are hated in the process of failing.
Yes, I am cynical about much of what is pushed towards us. The solution is to seek evidence of the offer – and if it seems too good to be true, it most probably is. But then again,
I have never heard a peahen complain.

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